“Where is your jacket (sweatshirt)?”  “What happened to the pants (jewelry) you wore to school this morning?”  “He/she did what—did you tell your teacher?”  Are these familiar questions in your household?  Cameras in our school could address common issues, including these.

Our town uses cameras to their advantage,  they are standard practice for businesses, and they add another layer of safety and security,  even being helpful exposing abuse in nursing homes.  They’re now preferred by many parents where camera-ready day care is offered for their little ones.  My niece looks up her 2-year-old daughter to see what she’s doing any time she wants, including from her computer at work.


Our school staff could lower administrative time addressing behavior and missing items while bringing the focus back to learning.  We could help eliminate the handicap of “he said/she said” and “Why can’t you stop this bullying/targeting?”, making communication between parents and the school more pro-active and goal-based.  Issues with visiting teams could be more accurately addressed.  Videos of memorable events could be made available for parents who cannot attend special functions and classroom presentations.

Cameras are impartial; they don’t lie; they have no agenda.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

They cost $$, you say; it’s not in the budget.  We could appeal for donations; we could have fund-raisers.  Anyone whose child has already been a victim would likely be supportive.  We could start with camera coverage in public areas, including:

·        Hallways, especially locker/cubby areas

·        Stairways

·        The gym and auditorium

·        The playground

What do you think?

– A Deer Isle-Stonington Parent