Partnerships Between Maine Business And Post-Secondary Education Pay Off


“It’s important for students see that business owners can help them build the bridge from theory to reality. We are dependent upon high school students, and the traditional and non-traditional students in the colleges and universities, to keep our businesses moving forward. It’s all based in Maine, so shouldn’t it start here as well?”

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Guidance And Insight

The class of 2014 has just started their post-secondary journey into college, work, and life. But not without first speaking their piece on how to best navigate the high school experience. At last week’s Step Up Day, while next year’s freshman were being introduced to the school, the outgoing senior class was stepping up in their own way to offer guidance and insight to current high school students.


Gathered in the school cafeteria, a number of seniors with differing future plans responded to questions from underclassmen, who next year will be moving a bit closer to entering their own post-secondary world. Among others, a common theme and response was “don’t wait”, suggesting to the their fellow classmates to seek out the options and opportunities around them.

Proudly taking on the role, the seniors displayed confidence not likely to end with their high school tenure. With “don’t wait” being the suggested attitude, then future graduating seniors will also likely carry confidence into the post-secondary world of education, work, and life.

Spring Forward.

I arrived at the high school for what I was assuming to be a somewhat ordinary day. After walking into the building, it was clear I was mistaken. There was much more activity in the hallway than normal and a large number of new faces as well. I quickly learned that this years 8th graders, the incoming freshman for next school year, were visiting the high school for the day.


As it turned out, the day was quite orchestrated, with the 8th graders being taken on tours, sitting in on classes being offered next year, and meeting teachers and current high school students who will soon be their new classmates. Meeting a few of the incoming high schoolers, they were wide-eyed and quiet; listening and taking it all in. In a large way, it was like the first day of school a bit early.

With the energy in the building being upbeat and positive, next years incoming freshman were able to bring their own fresh energy as well. Summer is just upon us, but after this week’s school day of looking forward, it seems that the future faces of the high school are eager to play their part.