Parenting is More Than Being Present

Not Donna Reed

Merriam- Webster defines being present as being “at a particular place or event”. One of the terms listed as obsolete is attentive. That speaks volumes. There was a time when being present physically and being attentive to the goings on were synonymous. Sadly, in today’s society the pervasiveness of “me time”, technology addictions and constant alternatives to being attentive to your present location means that these things do not often accompany one another anymore.

I am overwhelmed by the number of times we go out as a family and see other families doing the same, except completely different. They are in the same place but Mom is on her phone, Dad is watching a tv, and the kids are on a device of some form. There is little to no interaction.

*Now let me pause here to state that I do no think children need interacted with all the time…

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