DISHS Offers Support for Parents and Students During College Application Process

    Blustery wind, falling leaves, wood smoke, and pumpkins- the fall season is upon us!  If your child is planning to attend college after high school, it is also the season of college applications.  Many parents and students struggle with this often-challenging process.  There can be many questions and concerns about how to best fill out college applications.  There can also be stress about doing it “right” so that your child will have a better chance of being accepted at their first-choice colleges. Fortunately, there is help!


The following support is available for Deer Isle-Stonington High School (DISHS) students and parents:

1- Does your child have a college coach?  This is a program that matches high school students with community members specifically for the purpose of college planning and help with the application and scholarship process.  College coaches work one-on-one with the students and can help with any parts of the application, no matter how big or small.  College coaches can be particularly helpful with the essay.  In order for your child to be matched with a college coach, a permission slip needs to be signed by you and returned to the Guidance Office.  Permission slips are available in the Guidance Office.

2- Is your child signed up for Project Launch?  This is a program that begins in the senior year of high school and continues throughout the college years.  Students are matched with a college “Guru” (a past graduate of DISHS with college success of their own).  The Guru is available to help students navigate the college application process and make a successful transition from high school to college.  The sooner your child gets matched with a Guru, the better!  If you are interested in learning more about Project Launch or having your child sign-up, please contact Director Kimberly Hutchinson at 348-6123 or through the Guidance Office.

3- Help with college applications is available a few times a week during focused study.  Students need to sign up for this.  Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Siebert and Kimberly Hutchinson are available to help during this time.

Kimberly Hutchinson, Project Launch

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