Parent Voices connects parents via a blog site and social media presence to provide resources, communication and personal interaction on an ongoing basis.

Parent Voices supports an inclusive and positive community providing support, feedback  and a collective voice for parents as they advocate for their children. 

Goals and areas of focus include:


  • Secondary (High School)
  • Post Secondary (After High School)


  • Discovering interests
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Options outside of fishing
  • Internships and apprenticing
  • Expectations vs. Realities

Health and Well Being:

  • Resources for non-insured families, i.e. prescriptions, eyeglasses, etc.
  • Counseling, discussion, and support surrounding rape, mental illness, cancer, substance abuse, sexuality
  • Effective ways to talk about hard issues with your children
  • Mediation


  • Pressures of social media
  • Support of sexuality education at home
  • Bullying
  • Discovery and understanding what your child engages in on the internet
  • Obsession and addiction to video games


  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Earnings and understanding people’s financial realities
  • Resources


  • How to have a strong informed voice in your child’s education and general well being
  • Effective communication
  • Outside support at meetings
  • Bonding as parents on issues

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