Writing a Resume From Scratch

14089974005_67509700a1_b“Pretend you are your mom. Assuming your mom is one of those braggy-competitive types, that is. If she’s not, then pretend your mom is braggy and competitive and then pretend that’s who you are. What would your mom say about you if she knew what you did at work. List every brag. Every award, every time you beat out your competitors, every time you received a pat on the back, every promotion, every raise, et cetera. This is a time to let go of all humility and write everything down.”

For parents and students alike, Suzanne Lucas explores this topic in the following article from Inc.

Fish or Go To College?

Why not both?


“Cody is comfortable with distance learning technologies. His island school adopted them out of necessity more than a decade ago. He also is comfortable moving between the island and mainland, again, a skill born of necessity. He doesn’t see why he can’t fish when the fishing’s good and take courses online in the evenings.”

Read more from the Working Watefront article here.


Education Is Worth the Investment

“…college graduates are also more likely to be employed full-time than their less-educated counterparts, and are less likely to be unemployed, 4 percent versus 12 percent, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. Liberal arts graduates are not excluded from this reality. The vast majority with degrees in the humanities and social sciences are employed, and at salaries significantly higher than those having earned only a high school diploma.”


William J. Lowe, Chancellor of Indiana University Northwest, explores this topic in the Huffington Post.

Partnerships Between Maine Business And Post-Secondary Education Pay Off


“It’s important for students see that business owners can help them build the bridge from theory to reality. We are dependent upon high school students, and the traditional and non-traditional students in the colleges and universities, to keep our businesses moving forward. It’s all based in Maine, so shouldn’t it start here as well?”

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